Please use this site to register.

The following registration options are available:
  • registration for FroCoS (Regular 350€ / Student 300 €): access to FroCoS, coffee breaks and lunches for September 18-20, FroCoS reception on September 18th, and Tableaux+FroCoS dinner on September 19th;

  • registration for FroCoS+Tableaux (Regular 430€ / Student 380 €): access to FroCoS+Tableaux and Tableaux workshops, coffee breaks and lunches for September 16-20, Tableaux reception on September 17th, FroCoS reception on September 18th, and FroCoS+Tableaux dinner on September 19th.
Please notice the attractive conference fees for joint registration to both FroCoS and Tableaux.

You have the opportunity to buy additional tickets for the dinner (this is for accompanying persons, participants already pay within the above registration fees).

In case you opt for FroCoS+Tableaux registration and you do not participate to the Tableaux workshops, please specify "No" in the first page (to let us know how many people will have lunch on Monday September 16th).

The Paybox option, i.e. by credit card is certainly the most common option.

Early registration is until July 31st. Late registration will charge 50 € more.